One Small Step for Man... One Giant Divorce Settlement for His Wife

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who if you do not remember from history class was the second man to walk on the moon, is probably wishing he was left up there right about now.

The 2010 Dancing With the Stars contestant has just reached a divorce settlement with his wife of over 23 years, Lois Driggs Cannon. The divorce, which is Aldrin’s third, was never seen coming. Lois was even seen around town driving a 1988 Mercedes with a license plate reading “Moon Gal”.

On top of forking over the car, Buzz Aldrin was ordered to surrender half of his current bank account ($475,000) and 50% of any profit he makes from his businesses in the future.

Additionally Aldrin will be paying nearly $10,000 a month and 30% of his annual income ($600,000) in alimony.

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