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Unusual Surrogate

Strange as it sounds, 49 year old Linda Sirois recently gave birth to a beautiful, healthy…


When 25 year old Angel Hebert’s heart condition stopped her from being able to carry a child safely,  Her mother graciously gave her daughter the best gift of all. She acted as her daughter’s surrogate.

With no complications throughout the entire in-vitro fertilization pregnancy, Sirois, the mother of 4 said it was the easiest pregnancy she has ever had. Sirois said “It was an awesome, awesome experience.” She felt so much support from family, friends, and her community.

 Madden Hebert, was born on August 13th at a healthy 7 pounds, 14 ounces.
Though Linda is not the only grandmother to ever “babysit for 9 months” the amazing gift is definitely appreciated by her daughter and son-in-law.
What do you think of this story? Would you let your Mother carry your child?