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Marriage Drives Women to Drink

Marriage drives women to drink. According to a recent study, married women drink more than their single counterparts because they are influenced by their husband’s drinking habits. The study found that, as a whole, men drink more than women and, as they spend more time with their husbands, women begin to drink more as well. Conversely, the study showed that married men drink significantly less than single men, as they spend less time with their drinking buddies and more time with their wives.

In the past, there have been numerous studies into the relationship between drinking, gender, and marital status. The new study, however, looked at all the different types of single people including divorced, widowed, and never married. Conducted by sociologists from numerous U.S universities, the study surveyed 5,305 men and women from Wisconsin (so, according to the study, 100 percent of men and women are also Packers fans).

Despite the rise in female drinking, the data showed that married people, on average, drink less than single people.

The most at risk group, however, is recently divorced men, who are more likely to cope with emotional pain in external ways. Divorced women generally see a sharp decline in their drinking.