Sharing Household Chores Can Lead To A Higher Risk Of Divorce

A Norwegian study has shown that couples that share household duties are 50 percent more likely to be divorced than those where the woman does most of the housework.

The study, focused on couples in Norway where in 7 out of 10 couples the woman still does the majority of the chores, found that “the more a man does in the home, the higher the divorce rate.”

While it’s conclusion was definitive, the study found very little cause and effect in the difference in rates and attributes it mostly to values and modern thinking.  Simply put, couples that divide housework equally are typically more modern couples, less dependent on their spouse, and have a less sacred view of matrimony.

Whether or not these findings are applicable remains to be seen.  U.S. divorce rates are high, around 50% for first marriages, have been climbing over the last few decades, and, according to divorce attorney Steven N. Cole, may be scaring younger people away from getting married in the first place.  According to his blog, “67 percent of cohabitating couples had fears about the emotional, financial, social and legal consequences of divorce, and the worries of having to deal with the fallout of divorce,  made them leery of marriage. ”

Until a similar study is made in the U.S., husbands should not use this as an excuse to get out of housework, no matter how enticing this option may seem.

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